A festival of coding that delivers circuitry, robotics, and computer science to kids at home!

Each kit comes with over 15 activities for a week’s worth of STEAMED activities (science, tech, engineering, art, math, entrepreneurship and design). 


  • (1) Android tablet with 8GB storage (able to connect to WIFI internet for online learning, although not required for the completion of this program)
  • Chella custom wristband
  • Over 15 activities – a full school weeks’ worth of activities 
  • Hands-on interactive activities include electronic circuitry, robotics, engineering practicum materials, 3D design, game design materials
  • Over 15 educational videos to support the activities (installed onto the Android tablet)
  • A build your own music synthesizer kit
  • 8 robotics and electronics mini kits
  • Glowsticks! (which will be used as a science experiment)
  • Student Workbook
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Parent Guide
  • Lab Notebook and pencil
  • All activities align to CSS and NGSS educational standards

When we started putting together a STEAMED kit at home, we wanted to create an experience that provides context into how in-person experiences like music festivals are created. So, much like modern day festivals, we take a deeper exploration into the foundations of computer science and how they intersect with art, music, and creative immersive experiences.

Immersive art, design installations and innovative technology make music festivals come alive. This curated kit teaches young learners through hands-on coding, design and electrical engineering how these advanced themes of design thinking have software, industrial or mechanical engineering at its core.

The best part is, no internet or computer is required. We want to ensure we focus on equity in the community – with 1/3 of homes without a dedicated computer and high-speed internet for children, our kits require NO internet – all programs are pre-installed on the Android tablet included in each kit. The Android tablets can get connected to the internet if available in the household.

For ages 13 and up, perfect for middle schoolers.