Digital literacy is having the skills you need to live, learn and work in society and in environments where most of the communication is done through digital technologies, like the internet and social media platforms. It allows people to engage, express, collaborate and communicate in an ever-changing world. However, too many people in this country, are under-connected, or broadband is unavailable altogether. Most often it is low-income, under-served and the most vulnerable citizens that are affected. We know that high-speed internet access is critical to economic opportunity, job creation, education, and civic engagement.

Our Approach

To ensure all students, regardless of their economic situation, have the tools they need to continue to learn.

The Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation has partnered with Comp-U-Dopt to help provide technology access and education to the underserved by providing children and families with computers needed to access classwork and digital learning resources online.


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