Twenty percent, or over 4.7 million young children are affected by 3 or more risk factors. Statistically, youth who are both economically and socially disenfranchised and generally defined as, a product of their environment, are more likely than others to fail. Youth Development programs are critical in preparing these disadvantaged youth to meet the challenges of adulthood and achieving their personal goals. These programs can help improve social skills, behavior, self-esteem, and academic achievements.

Our Approach

To provide digital job skills to at-risk young adults and break down the digital divide by providing skill training for green tech job opportunities to 500 Corp members in Los Angeles.

Aiming to diversify the tech industry and empower underprivileged youth, The Westbrook / Brownstein Green Tech Program, along with LA Conservation Corps, launched a tech initiative that includes training students in computer literacy and introducing marketable skills like coding, drone piloting, and computer engineering. The partnership also funds the Westbrook / Brownstein Green Futures Lab, where new computers and necessary equipment for intro classes will be installed. The third core initiative is the advanced drone piloting career path program, which will be the creation of a quarterly advanced training program designed to position students to enter the game-changing career path of drone maintenance and piloting.


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