The mission of the Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation is to inspire the lives of young people, teach them to always ask themselves, “Why Not?” and help them to build the resilience to never give up.

Founded in 2012, the Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation aims to create pathways of empowerment for the underserved population.

The foundation is committed to the perseverance of at-risk communities by implementing structured educational opportunities, workforce development and accessible mental health resources.

With “Why Not?” being a personal ignition for Russell Westbrook, the foundation looks to instill this mindset in the youth while offering their resources to set children and their communities up for continued success.

Why Not? Give Power to Your Dreams

The Why Not? mentality was adopted by Russell at a young age, as a way to gain confidence that he could overcome any obstacle standing in his way. More than a catchy slogan, Why Not? is a mindset.

It is perspective.

It is growth.

It is optimism.

It is courage.

And it is inspiring!

We understand the challenges that inner city youth and young adults are facing every day. We work to create opportunities and pathways for the underserved that often lack the resources needed to succeed. 

We believe, that by asking yourself Why Not?, you are taking a powerful first step in acknowledging that all things are possible. Success isn’t easily won and it takes commitment, but by teaching young people this mindset, we can help them work to grow their dreams.


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