Changing Lives from Scratch Fund

Make an impact! The Changing Lives from Scratch Fund, in partnership with the Russell Westbrook Why Not? Foundation, provides grants and scholarships to kids and teens from underserved communities across the US and Canada, so they can experience the life-changing benefits of Little Kitchen Academy.

The fund is a collaboration between Little Kitchen Academy and Russell Westbrook’s Why Not? Foundation and aims to provide scholarships and funding opportunities, enabling children from diverse backgrounds to experience the transformative benefits of Little Kitchen Academy.

This fund will expand access to 3-hour cooking classes where children create recipes from scratch, selecting their own ingredients from a living food wall and a well-stocked pantry. Little Kitchen Academy partners with vetted, local charitable organizations in every market to ensure that children who might not otherwise have access to such programs can participate. Additionally, Little Kitchen Academy contributes by offering one free class for every group of 10 students.

“Our children have had the opportunity to experience Little Kitchen Academy at the Westfield Century City location in Los Angeles, and we’ve seen the incredible impact these experiences have had on them. We are pleased to partner with the Little Kitchen Academy team and other generous donors to increase the reach of this life-changing program for underserved children and teens,” said Russell Westbrook.


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