Russell Westbrook’s Honor the Gift and Advisory Board Crystals Dropped T-Shirts to Benefit Inner-City Arts

Honor the Gift‘s first-ever collaborative effort saw Russell Westbrook‘s clothing line joining forces with Advisory Board Crystals in a charitable effort to benefit Los Angeles’ Inner-City Arts. All profits from the two neutral-toned shirts went to the charity, which aims to provide arts education to children located near Skid Row.

Co-branding on the rear of the grey melange and white shirts complements an oversized ABC insignia inspired by heritage university branding, complete with the year of the brand’s inception (2015) and “INSTITUTE OF ARTS & SCIENCES” verbiage. On the front of each T-shirt is a stylized basketball, abetted by oversized “INNER CITY ARTS” text in college font. A small ABC info label is stitched next to the large imagery, with a special tag sewn into the neck.

The T-shirts are sold out on Honor The Gift and Advisory Board Crystals’ websites but expect Westbrook’s label to deliver some more charitable initiatives in the near future.

Recently, Advisory Board Crystals created another charitable design in honor of Albert Einstein.

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